Friday, January 4, 2013

Woo-Woo... Hee-Hee...

Is it laughter or labor? In a doula's world it may be both! 

OR, it might just be conception!

Shakey Shakey eggs and baby.

It’s been said that humor is good for the soul. 


Well, it’s good for many things...your soul,  your cervix,  your relationships and a whole lot more!  So, with that being said let’s take some time to tell a story about conception.

It must have been the 5th or 6th (maybe even the 7th month) of trying to conceive a baby...I really wanted to quit my job, but no positive test strip had appeared yet and I knew that would not be a possibility until “It” happened.  Was it the stress from work  that kept me from having that second little pink line on the strip?  Or was it just the stress that maybe somehow I was inadequate?  Who knows?  All I know is that every month I spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests only to find myself crying and somehow mad at my husband (poor guy like he wasn’t trying hard enough). 

I really wanted to quit my job, but no positive test strip had appeared yet and I knew that would not be a possibility until “it” happened.

Same thing every month....go to the store, pick out just the right pregnancy test...Maybe this month I’ll buy the blue one...last month was pink.  Like it really makes a difference what color the box is!  But in my world at that moment, I felt maybe it just might.  Like somehow in the pregnancy universe the color of the box might just have a bearing on the positive or negative result.

Rush home. . .must pee must pee, must pee. . .oh darn, I have to wait till the morning that way my hormones will be stronger and I’ll know for sure.  Go to sleep thinking something will surely be different tomorrow morning.  Rush to the bathroom having no problem having to pee, but now I have hold it and wait to get the test out of the wrapping and read the directions at least 3 more times to do it right . . . awwww. . . relief comes with peeing on  the plastic stick.... set it on the counter.... must wait 10 minutes with,“This could be it” floating around in my mind. . .no, I can’t wait 10 minutes! I’ll just peek and see if something is happening...nope too soon....10 minutes has passed and then the drop in my heart once second line that means positive...with sadness my head falls and the tears come.

Like I said, 5th,6th,7th month (for some moms it’s even more or not at all) of the same pregnancy test dance. Until you are so fed up that you just change the music so you can do a different dance...oh yeah, baby, a completely different dance.  What happens when you are fed up with the same results?  You try some crazy S#%T...

"Oh yeah, baby, a completely different dance"

I look at my hubby and tell him, "I’m really tired of this.”  I want you to try something new.  "Okay” says my loving hubby, "What are you thinking?”

“When we are done I want you to grab me by my feet and legs and turn me upside down” (on my head with my feet in the air) and shake me till you think you got the sperm in just the right place.”

Maybe it was my position.  Maybe it was the very hard laughter as we were trying it, because believe you me there was a lot of laughing going on. Maybe it was the letting go of every normal idea I had of how to get pregnant. Whatever it was, we always laugh when we retell that story.

Yup folks!  You can shake yourself into pregnancy!

So do you need to change your music and do a different dance or change your position? Maybe you need to laugh or let go??? 

Sometimes, whether in conception, in labor or in life, it just might be the laughter that gets us through.

How about you? When has humor been just the thing to help you cope? We would love to hear from you!

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