Monday, January 7, 2013

Motherhood is . . .

Driving in the car on a balmy winter day you are enjoying the cloudless blue sky and the road that will lead you home in five minutes. Lovely harp and piano music playing Ave Maria transport your soul to place of calming serenity. 

And then your lovely mental respite comes to a screeching halt - LITERALLY! 

Torturous cries coming from the back seat demanding you stop at a suspicious shopping center parking lot. Locking the doors you climb into the back seat to pacify the hungry mouth with your full breast. 

As you look into his 7 week old eyes, lashes drenched with tears, they peer into your spirit sending you the message you are his hero. Your heart melts, and with it all the tension and stress from just moments before. You take a snapshot and place it your mind’s memory box. 

We’d love to hear about moments from your motherhood experience. What are some of your stories about the joys and struggles of motherhood?

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